Sina Jones

Overwhelmed by Gap Year choices?

I’ll help you get focused, set goals & manage the logistics so you can ditch the stress & travel with confidence.



Stop Running the academic treadmill

Time Out or Burn Out

Listen, I’m not going to sugarcoat it— one in three college students suffer from major depression or anxiety, and over 40% are overwhelmed by everything they have to do.  They’re on an academic treadmill with no relief in sight. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Compared to their peers, grads who take time off before starting college get better grades, take on more campus leadership roles, and have less stress when they get back to their studies.

As your gap year counselor, we’ll work together to create a plan tailored specifically to your child’s goals, interests, and values— whether it’s volunteering at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka or editing documentary film for an internship in Zambia.


Hey there,

I’m Sina.



I’m a wife and mom to three busy kids—together, we’ve made ourselves a home in six different countries.  I have the kind of travel expertise that can only come from years of getting around by train, trishaw and even a plane flown by a guy wearing flip flops. I’m on a mission to teach others that travel is so much more than a checklist of must see tourist sites— it’s discovering the people and places that will stay in your heart forever.